Discovering Activities for People with Disability in your Local Area

Discovering Activities for People with Disability in your Local Area

Whether you have a disability or mobility limitation, work with people with disabilities or care for someone who has a disability then you know how difficult it can be to find accessible venues and activities for people with disabilities in your local area. If you know what can be accessed, you know what your options are for an activity.

Don’t just go by the newspaper calendars, be proactive

The designers of Out & About recognised two things that were happening in life – the first is that there was a perceived limit of available activities for people with disabilities due to few activities being promoted as accessible, and the second was that more and more people were turning to their smartphones to get directions and to read reviews of venues and activities. The simple brilliance of the Out & About app was to bring these two things together to create an easier way for people with disabilities to navigate their community.

Use technology to make life better

Smartphones are opening opportunities for everyone with their portable access to the Internet and the information that can be shared on it. When it comes to information about finding activities for people with disabilities, it hadn’t been put to good use until now. Previously, reviews of venues and activities may include a graphic symbol that they are declared accessible for people with disabilities, but that never told you the complete story. Having an accessible toilet or a wheelchair ramp can’t make up for stairs up into the bathroom or a door at the top of the ramp that is too narrow. By using the Out & About app you can find out the real details about any listed activities for people with disabilities in your area so you know what to expect.
The community power of the app also means people with disabilities, mobility limitations or their families and carers can make more informed decisions about their day and have the confidence to get out and about in their community. If you find an accessible venue or event is not listed on the app, you can suggest it be included so other users can have access to the information. Users can read reviews left by others to help them make a decision, or contribute a review of their own. Top rating venues receive a highly recommended ribbon.

Getting set up with Out & About

Download and install the app on your mobile device and power it on. You have several different options about how to find the information you need. If you are looking to find activities for people with disabilities in your area, setting the location search to “on” is the best way to go. This acts like a GPS model for accessibility. Venues and activities are logged and marked on your local map along with information about where to park, what accommodation is available and critical details about the specifics of the venue itself. All of this lets you plan your visit better and enjoy your time out.

Watch the ‘How to use the Villa Maria Out & About App‘ video to learn more. For detailed instructions on how to use the Out & About App

Villa Maria is a not-for-profit, values-based organisation providing quality services and life enhancing opportunities for older people and children and adults with a disability, their families and carers.

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